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Dear Guests,

  • Overall Sanitizations : Our staff is being trained and briefed regularly to be extra diligent in sanitizing manufacturing area and public areas including – bathrooms, door handles, desk tables and chairs, all switches, telephone instruments and remote controls safety latches and locks, exteriors and common areas. Luggage and all items coming into our premises are also sanitized on arrival.
  • Health Screening: All our guests and staff have to go through health screening including temperature/oxygen checks. These helps in detecting at the very first instance and minimizing spread; wearing mask during stay is must.
  • Additional Sanitization: We have enhanced our cleaning processes to include additional sanitation and regular cleaning routines in all sections of our dining. Sanitizer dispensers are available in all public areas for guest use, all our team members, at all times, are wearing masks and keep sanitizing after regular intervals.
  • Packaging: At a time of packing and dispatch our standard process for sensitize product and packaging material also ready to dispatch article sanitize before dispatch.
  • Regularity health checkup: Every 15 days RTPCR test is mandatory for all staff and management. If any heath cause we didn’t allow to access to our premises.